Lulu How Do You?

How Do You be Good to Your Gut? Ask Lulu!

Using her newly found Magic Word, she dreams that she’s right back inside herself – asking organs Louie Liver, Pammy Pancreas, and the Kidney Brothers, as well as her microbe friends, Abby Acidophilus and Benny Bifidus, “What are your favorite and least favorite foods?” They give her the answers – all in rhymes! Then Stanley Stem Cell again takes her back through the circulation system, giving her more valuable info. She returns to her bed and explains all to her mom who exclaims, “Your dreams are incredible! Lets work together toward healthier eating!”

Kids as well as adults will be fascinated by Chris’ prototypes and Steve’s incredibly imaginative and supurb illustrations. Take a peek inside – you’ll be glad you did! (ages 8 and up)