This delightful book is introducing children to a very important concept— the existence of gut flora and its importance in human health. 90% of ALL CELLS in our bodies are in our gut flora! The complexity of that microbial world inside us is just as magnificent as Life on Earth itself. To a very large degree, microbes are in charge of our health and vitality. We must know about them and take good care of them. I wish this book every success!
Dr Natasha Campbell McBride, Nutritionist, founder of The GAPS Diet

Our two-year-old daughter loves this book—it’s one of her favorites! We appreciate Janice Condon providing a story that’s so fun and educational. I recently referenced it on my podcast.
Rachel Maskell, Mumboss.com & James Maskell, founder of Forum on Functional Medicine

A brilliant way to learn about two of the most overlooked factors in maintaining a healthy well nourished body: enzymes and the role probiotics play in digestive health.
Dr. Patrick Giammarise DC, HIS, LDHS. Digestion Relief Center, Chico, CA

I read it to my 8 year old granddaughter. She laughed and loved it. Then she re-read it by herself. I recommend it as a ‘Must Have’ for all children!
Linda Nilsen RN, BSN, IBLG, WA. Chico, CA

So nice to see these healthy concepts introduced to children in a fun format, great pictures, too.
Robyn Barlow ND. Chico, CA

My students loved your presentation and your book. One of my students loves your book and she is keeping it in her desk and thinks I don’t know about it. She reads it every chance she gets. Many Thanks! 
Idalia Stuart, first grade teacher, Rosedale School

I really did enjoy reading the book – three times, like kids do. I think it will be entertaining and educational for kids 3-13 and their parents. It’s a wonderful read-aloud story and an excellent beginning for diet education.
Phil Filbrandt MD, Fellow American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

What a wonderful, important book! Being aware of and caring for their bio-terrain is probably about the most important thing a person can do to assure good health.  This book gives easy introductions to the process of turning food into energy and staying healthy. Bravo, Jan!
Deborah Penner DC. Chico Creek Wellness Center, Chico, CA

Jan has addressed a very important topic, one that relates to our overall health. Through wonderful drawings and simple to understand text, both adults and children can enjoy and learn about maintaining the health of one of the most important systems of our bodies.
Mayama Morehart MD

Jan, this has become the story that my daughter has been requesting for her night time story time. What an incredible adventure!  It was delightful to watch light bulbs of understanding flash and see the interest of science develop as this story continued.
Ashley Harrison, DDS

Thank you for Stella’s Adventures in the Incredible Bioterrain. I love when they met the King of Poo. It made me laugh so much. Thank you. Ha Ha Ha the King of Poop!! O Ha Ha Ha.  The King of Poop! Oh Sorry, I got carried away. Thank you. It makes me imagine inside me! Thank You!
Note from Ana (age 9)